Advanced High Density Cooling Solutions

The more your productivity & innovations improve, your datacentre has to meet the growing demand & as your increasingly consolidated data center runs hotter, you have to balance performance with higher cooling costs and potential downtime. We can build a solution that fits your infrastructure and delivers the resiliency you need.
You need to provide enough cooling to your servers to maintain performance levels while trying to keep cooling costs low. Failure to properly cool your servers can cause them to overheat and crash, resulting in devastating downtime.

Your cooling systems should be flexible enough to handle the increasing power and rack density of your current consolidated data center, as well as be scalable for the future.

Traditional cooling does not have the flexibility to manage and absorb varying rack IT loads; Advanced HD cooling takes care of it in an efficient manner.
Additionally, you can maintain uniform temperature across the DC while optimally utilizing designed capacities.

Space is utilized effectively, reducing it by as much as 80% as against traditional cooling systems.

Features & Benefits of Advanced Cooling Solutions

Lower OPEX & Energy Efficiency

  • Up to 93% energy savings compared to Traditional cooling systems
  • Up to 45% energy savings over In-Row cooling
  • Rapid ROI and lower cost of ownership
  • Significantly faster deployment than alternative cooling
  • Scalable design – simply add cabinets and doors as your business grows
  • No additional room air conditioning required


  • Retrofit onto existing OEM cabinets
  • Removes the need for aisle containment
  • Raised floors not required
  • Increases hardware lifespan by removing hot spots
  • Up to 92 kWsensible cooling capacity per rack
  • Operates above dew point, no condensation management required

Reduction in real estate space utilization: Up to 84% (cooling footprint) white space savings

Efficient heat transfer with IT heat load and cooling medium set alongside


  • PAC
  • InRow
  • Smar
  • Chip Level Cooling Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

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