Who We Are

Intris continues earning a strong reputation for its honest and consultative approach. The basis of this culture rests in our strongly held internal values; We focus on

Quality Policy

At INTRIS, We are committed to:

  • Provide timely, accurate & reliable personnel services and continually enhance customer satisfaction;
  • Prove Service in an impartial & non-discriminatory manner;
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of various processes and services offered

Privacy & Data Protection codes

INTRIS shall provide information to its employees alone, in order to administer its day to day operational capabilities. INTRIS will not share the information’s for any monetary gains (or) personal interest. Adjoining the caveat INTRIS shall protect sensitive details. No uniquely identifiable information about Stakeholders (or) other resources will be shared in public domain.

All information shared by customers and other authorized agencies will be treated as confidential information and will not be shared with anyone apart from the team involved in executing the desired task.

Our Partnering Philosophy

We engage only with Agencies | organizations and the employed managers delivering high ethical values, exhibits integrity & transparency and are honest in conducting the business affairs dealing with their partners who believe in workforce | Resources really as strategic & inclusive assets and whose mind set, action, work discipline reflects this intent.


  • Providing knowledge on the Hiring, Assessment, CSR & Data Centre trends with accurate information
  • Ensuring High administrative efficiency & outcome effectiveness.
  • Emphasis on On Time without quality depreciation.
  • Consistent professionalism worthy of trust, demonstrated by a dedicated team of young professionals working to deliver sincere Technology, Human Capital Management services.
  • Clear understanding of customer needs before accepting an engagement.
Few Differentiators

We/our clients believe that we are amongst the best, primarily because

  • Unflinching integrity with a guiding philosophy that offers unrivalled value (Over all other existing offerings) to our patron ecosystem, using innovative approaches, delivered consistently is our only sustainable strategy for success. Our thoughts and actions are driven by this belief.
  • Our strong belief that our patrons retain us for our expert counsel, administrative efficiency & outcome effectiveness. Hence, heavy emphasis on On-Time Delivery without compromise on quality.
  • Consistent professionalism worthy of trust, demonstrated by a dedicated team of top quality professionals working hard to deliver outstanding client service. Sincerity shown in executing each assignment shows…
  • Select, Long term mutually enriching relationships –
  • High repeat business volumes with all our clients.
  • Very well researched and hand picked client base with minimal conflict of interest and therefore maximum potential for talent enhancement.
  • Investing considerable time to thoroughly understand client | Stakeholders need and job specifications before accepting an engagement.


Considering the complexity involved in our processes Integrity and professionalism are the foundation of our competitive selling, INTRIS has not and will not engage in offering payment / benefits to any workforce advisor fiduciary of customers | Organisations with the intent to influence their conduct and regulations. INTRIS as per the contractual agreement will not engage in providing services that are not enlisted by it and will engage in providing value additions as per need basis. INTRIS will render assistance and explore opportunities only on assignments which meets its demand, expectation and supports operational capabilities in which it believes it has better execution capacity

Our Acknowledgement

How We Work?

  • In execution of its professional services INTRIS will ensure that it’s vigilant and compliant with the contractual agreement and respect the regulations and rule of law applicable to the location it executes the capabilities.
  • Effective and efficient communication to customers and the potential work force for better transparency in discussions involving payment conditions/contract negotiation/Turnaround Time.
  • Similar cognizance in assessing the resource | Trainees after complete evaluation based on competence required for the desired role.
  • In valuing the interaction between the customer and Stakeholders INTRIS will strive to deliver the best in all endeavour to honour the dual commitment.
Experience Bring us Here!

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