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Due Diligence Audit & Assessments

Any business transaction involves a certain amount of risk. To reduce that risk, Intris provides due diligence audits and evaluations that accompany and facilitate mergers, acquisitions, investments and contractual agreements.

Determining the real value of organizations and assets is not an easy feat. How reliable is the data taken into account? And the indicators taken into consideration provide an accurate picture?

A Due Diligence Report is an independent assessment focusing on compliance and risks in selected areas, providing key insight into the strengths and weaknesses of organizations, assets and properties. As such, it is an invaluable instrument to underpin executive decision-making.

Focus Areas

  • Social compliance & Responsibility
  • IT Security
  • Legal Compliance
  • Environment & Energy
  • Operational Management
  • Assets
  • Finances
  • Integrity & Corporate Governance
  • Procurement
  • Market Position & KPIs
  • Knowledge management
  • Customer Relationships

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