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Green Assessments & Audits

We know, that there is a lot more to saving energy in any organization than just pseudo superficial efforts. With our expertise on setting standards of processes, saving energy in an organization is no different from setting a process.
We provide our clients with a one-stop energy management solution to all of their energy conservation needs. Our goal is to reduce the overall energy consumption of your business up to 40%, perhaps more.

There are various ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for your business. Energy Management Solutions works with your organization to identify inefficient energy consumption. We get to know your company, create customized solutions, develop cost-saving strategies unique to your operations, and ultimately implement those strategies.
Take the first step towards your journey of excellence by entering into a contract with us. Our executives will assess your requirements and propose a customized solution.
A deep dive onsite assessment would be conducted based on our defined assessment criteria by an industry expert. We can also tailor make the assessment criteria or use your existing framework to verify the conformance and implementation effectiveness.
A comprehensive & structured report would be shared identifying both strengths and opportunities for improvement. The report would share some of the industry best practices and give you a roadmap with actionable insights to take your system or process to the next level.

Benefits of Green Audit:

  • Reduced expenditure on energy
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Increased productivity where working conditions are improved
  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Organization will achieve recognition by the community, including potential customers by being environmentally responsible corporate citizens.

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