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CSR Project Plan

Drafting of CSR Project Plan for companies towards structuring their CSR activities. Based on the focus area of the company we conduct field level mapping and share the demand aggregation. Our expertise is in supporting PSU’s, Mining Industry & Oil & Gas Industry among others.

Capacity Building & Training

  • A skilled force is better enabled to address the development challenges and contribute productively towards meeting the social goals. We work with the Developments Sector, Corporate and Governments to train them in specialized skills to handle the challenges arising in implementation of development projects.
  • We provide CSR & Sustainability training programs and offer long-term support/ handholding for organization’s senior and middle management to enable the company to implement its policies, prepare a road-map and effectively use sustainability management tools.


  • We work with Donor organisation to create a Social Campaign around the issue. It could be education, sanitation, water, health, skill or livelihood depending on the corporate business and create a unique value proposition which resonates with the larger community and the stakeholders. We leverage Digital media tools to drive the campaign wide and large.

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