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Due Diligence & Partnerships

  • We help agencies/ Corporate in conducting due diligence of Not for Profit/NGO partners. This is important from the perspective that there are number of NGOs working in different thrust areas in any geography today. It is critical to know the background, past work experience, other funding partners, legitimacy and credibility of the organization before confirming any contract.
  • We work with multiple development agencies, MNCs, Public Sector and Private Sector organisations for conducting due diligence for their prospective partnerships.

NGO Monitoring and Evaluation

  • We undertake Monitoring and Evaluation of development/CSR projects on behalf of Corporate and Funding agencies. Concurrent Monitoring and Evaluation helps in effective, accountable and sustainable implementation of development projects.
  • In most of the cases the projects are in backward or remote districts/provinces which seriously limits regular supervision from any Development Agencies perspective. We help the agencies have periodic reports and knowledge of the ground level development thus taking corrective measures if any in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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