Energy Optimisation & Power Management Solutions


We provide our clients with a one-stop energy management solution to all of their energy conservation needs. Our goal is to reduce the overall energy consumption of your business up to 40%, perhaps more.

There are various ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs for your business. Energy Management Solutions works with your organization to identify inefficient energy consumption. We get to know your company, create customized solutions, develop cost-saving strategies unique to your operations, and ultimately implement those strategies.
We have developed and maintained several working relationships within our ever-evolving industry. This allows us to offer our clients the latest energy efficient technologies to reduce consumption.

Energy Management System (EMS) is a complete hardware, software, and services solution that delivers the granular visibility, actionable analysis, and intelligent control capabilities to manage your facility’s energy endpoints, from HVAC, lighting and more.

Solutions WE Provide

Comprehensive Power Solutions
An adaptable power protection and control system can include:

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs)
allow you to right size your power flow and adjust it as your needs change. They also serve as temporary battery backup in case of outage.
Modular power distribution units (PDUs)

Simplify configuration and support rapid power distribution network expansion.
Intelligent power distribution units combine power distribution with remote monitoring to quickly alert you to any irregularities in power, humidity or temperature.

Flexible and Powerful Cooling Resources
Your cooling infrastructure should be flexible enough to handle the increasing power and rack density of your current consolidated data center, as well as be scalable for the future.

Smart Management Software
Having easy access to clear information regarding resource usage, operational status and the overall health of your data center is critical. With the right software, you can strike the perfect balance between data center availability and efficiency

With a comprehensive power and cooling solution, your organization will enjoy many benefits, such as:

Increased Resiliency
Power and cooling technologies can help you identify potential disruptions, prevent damaging downtime and keep your data center up and running even if disaster strikes.

Reduced Costs
A plan that maximizes the efficiency of your resource usage can help you reduce the sizable costs of powering and cooling your data center.

Improved Visibility and Utilization
The management systems deployed as part of the solution can provide insights into operational efficiencies that go beyond power and cooling. You may uncover a need for more dynamic data center equipment or design a better power distribution plan based on usage patterns.

Maximized Infrastructure Flexibility
The modular nature of a well-designed power and cooling solution will facilitate future scalability as your organization grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

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