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Why Intris Human Resources Consulting?

We’re a different type of HR company. Here are a few reasons why:


future leaders who are best equipped to navigate constant uncertainty, mitigating risks and improve transitions.


robust succession plans to ensure the right kind of talent is available as needed.


leaders to assemble the right teams, tools, and timelines to achieve long-term company milestones.


next-generation leaders with the highest future potential early in their careers.

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Welcome to INTRIS

We are a Hiring & Recruitment marketing agency that helps HR executives apply the power of digital marketing and strategic advisory services to optimize their recruiting process. We save talent acquisition professionals time and money by building and optimising recruitment advertising investments, developing their employment brand and reducing overall cost-per-hire. We collaborate with clients to select, implement and manage best in breed recruiting technology for each of client’s need. We’ve helped thousands of the brightest minds & brands just like you, We’re here to help you fulfil your potential and get ahead. With tailored advice & handpicked opportunities we help brands & Individual’s fulfil their potential. Whether you’ve always known what you want to do, or simply haven’t a clue, we can help in making great and informed decisions.