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Market Research

We support donor organisations and Social organizations in planning Projects by conducting market research, Need Analysis, Impact Assessment etc. We are specialized in conducting socio economic studies and for planning community development projects.

CSR Market Research gives an opportunity to understand once stakeholders before engagement and thus helps in proper planning keeping in mind the interests and expectations of different stakeholders.


  • CSR Impact Assessment study is done for prospective projects to be taken up by the companies to understand the potential changes a project might bring in the lives of the communities in a region. The Impact Assessment is thus focused to layout an action plan to mitigate damages if any to the community and environment in the region.
  • Social Impact Assessment includes the process of analysing, monitoring, evaluating and managing social outcomes, both positive and negative, of planned and unplanned interventions by corporate, government or organizations.

CSR Analytics

CSR Analytics is undertaken by organisations to understand the amount spent district wise and also based on the development sectors. These reports help donor organisations to make informed decision on the development sector and location to where the project needs to be implemented.

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